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20 May 2005


prodigal sun

I swear you are the hardest working man in blogdom... I post a comment on one article and by the time I get back to your main page, there is ANOTHER article to read. You are gonna get my azz fired from reading your blog all day... lol

Anyway... homosexuality sounds very un-nation of islam-ish... but who knows. I say his sexuality is immaterial in light of his accomplishments and what he stood for.


I remember feeling kind of a gay vibe from the Autobiography, although it was not based on anything concrete - more of a kind of "gay mystique" or sensitivity that he seemed to share.

But the so-called evidence that Tatchell offers in this piece from the Guardian is just plain stupid. He takes it for granted that Malcolm used to hustle sexually. Not having looked at any of the evidence, I can't comment on that. And he claims that Malcolm must have felt homosexual desires (assuming he was hustling).

Well, if that is the basis for calling someone gay or bi, then we need to call practically everybody gay or bi! I believe is the rare person who could not bring him or herself to get pleasure from sex with the same sex if they were willing to give into it. So even if Malcom did get a hand job as a teenager or give one in his numbers-running and thieving days, that would not make him anything other than the outlaw that he was at that time in his life. It would not make him gay.

If Malcolm actually had been gay, meaning he felt no sexual attraction to women, (and that is going to be a hard case to prove, especially given his four children!), but even if he were, what difference would it make? He chose to live his life as a straight man, and made the personal sacrifices that he had to in order to do that. As far as the general public is concerned, sexuality is defined by behavior, not unfulfilled secret desires, that probably run across most people's minds from time to time.


The difficulty with Peter's analysis (and he's a neighbour of mine here at the Elephant and Castle and I know his slightly) is that he is confusing who people fuck with who they want to fuck. If it's true that Malcolm X had sex with men either as a kid (experimenting) or as an adult (as a hustler), that doesn't necessarily mean that he was gay or bi, unless your definition of being gay or bi is only that you have sex with either same-sex partners or with partners of either sex. If he were having sex with other boys when he was a teen, he wouldn't be the first teenager to have had homosexual sex just to relieve sexual tension (if that were the case). If he were hustling to make some money at a time when he needed it, he wouldn't be the first "straight" man to do that.

While I would welcome Malcolm X into our fraternity as a worthy, humble seeker of peace, I'd have to hear from his own lips or pen about his innermost feelings about sex and sexuality. We don't have any personal evidence that he considered himself anything but straight.

Peter is a very courageous man, and he's done a lot for the various sexual minority communities of Britain and the world, but I don't agree with all his opinions and views. This current opinion is not only not proven, but probably would never be able to be proven.


I just don't feel that Malcolm X being outed takes anything away from who he was. If he was, which - in light of the nature of society at that time - he very well could have been and no one would be the wiser, it only explains his personal isolation and his isolation in the nation of islam. I did not read the base article because speculation after the fact is masturbation but if he was gay I feel proud to count him as one of us and feel sorry for him to have accomplished so much and still not be happy. Then be killed by those he gave his life too. It gives a fresh meaning to martyrdom.


That article was like whoa.


thanks for this article, rod. I'm vaguely familiar with that thatchell text. I remember having to read it in one of my african american studies classes in undergrad, and having the teacher tear it apart. Then, take the student to task who brought it up (the person did it to see if she could shock everyone. didn't work).

Who knows it Malcolm was gay or bi? Why should we care? It personally won't change how I've always felt about his as being this very complex, yet truly powerful revoluationary who saw the potential for change on this planet yet was taken out before he could see it put into practice.

But, good work as usual.


It's a crying shame that even though this may every well be circumstantial evidence and hearsay; many a black folk are outraged and inundated with contempt that just maybe one of the greatest black men of our time could have been a same-gender loving brother!

When will this type of contempt for SGL Black People end in our community? And why is it that SGL folk go on the defensive as if to say it’s no way possible a man as great as He (Malcolm) could have been anything other than straight?

As if to say no gay/bi/lesbian could possibility have the capacity to reach such heights! Or that his life’s work would be tarnished if he happened to be a closeted bisexual.

Malcolm's sexuality in no way should affect his legacy and what he means to so many people however knowing all aspects of his life is most important to the health of our community and our legacy as a people – SGL folks included.

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