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13 May 2005



The prides have changed, years ago they seemed more inclusive. It seems some are getting younger, more sex oriented.

C.D. Oldenburg

Perhaps these gatherings do seem a little quaint and people are taking things for granted.

That's dangerous these days.


Bathing suit season, eh? I think I'll keep my bikini in the closet, thanks!


I feel as though I aged out of the Black Pride celebrations years ago, although I recognize the social value of them for other people.


I also think that over the past 5 or so years we have seen a shift from Pride events being very homegrown to mass marketing ops. When I first started attending these Pride events in DC g/l/t organizations had booths, were passing out information and looking for new members. It was a day for letting the community know what opportunities were available and how to get involved.

Now the majority of the booths in DC are vendors who are attempting to persuade our community to spend our queer dollars on them. That does not mean it is not fun to wander around and run into my "Pride friends", like bar buddies but you only see them once a year at Pride, but it does not have the same community feel of those days of yore. . .

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