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07 September 2005



Who are selling those? That's BS.


this is so sad, but it speaks to the generation of people who dont care. or worse, dont see the problem with it because they dont know there is a a problem. everybody is trying to make a fast buck now days and along the way they forgot about respect. im begingin to think people dont understand, ghetto isnt a compliment, its and insult.


I am sensitive (maybe overly so) to words-with-baggage being used cavalierly by those who haven't been personally associated with them. I feel as Rod and Greg do. I heard a couple of young women talking the other day and one of them said to the other, "Oh, that's too ghetto!" (They were both white). I didn't catch the subject of their conversation, but they were looking at some gold jewelry in a store. People are becoming more de-sensitized to how others might feel about things said lightly. I could probably write a book on the subject...there is so much to be said, and so little time and space to say it.

prodigal sun

I disagree... ghetto is not a racially offensive term. Back when immigrants first arrived into the US, they all lived in the same area, and those areas were called ghettos. There were Irish ghettos, and Italian ghettos... etc.

To be upset by this menu choice is to put ghetto on the level of the 'N' word, and I dont think it fits. Its not a specifically black term. I don't even think its a poor term cause I know people that have money that I would consider ghetto. Every race can be ghetto, every economic bracket can be ghetto... we don't own the term, nor do I want us to claim it.

It's not even like Ghetto Monopoly which was an altogether different thing. It was offensive because in that game, he espoused all kinds of offensive stereotypes...

There is no uproar because this is not a universally offensive thing.

I think we need to pick and choose our battles. This to me is not deep. I would much rather make issues out of opposition to gay marriage or any of Bush's stupid actions (pick one there are so many to choose from). Causing an uproar over this would make us seem over sensitive, and when you emphasize everything, nothing stands out.


Since when does the word "ghetto" become synomous with blk culture unless you think it is. This is way beyond P.C.


I wonder what they give for a Super Size combo. I'm sure its crammed with over 700 fat calories and high-density carbs just to help kill us even faster. Lordy.


I'm loving the fact that you phrased it the way you did, because that's exactly what it is. You didn't say it was merely just a racially offensive term, you said it was tantamount to endorsing their appropriation of a derisive term, and that's a big, and very important, difference. Kudos.

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