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26 November 2005



I do remember all those jokes about gay porn. He really has gay vibe.

I didn't know that was your old blog. I love your site.


I love his gay jokes, he is very secure about his sexuality. Whatever it is.

Mark Norris

Nice interview. I just didn't hear any reference to "gay" porn. Sounded like he just said "porn" to me. But, I have heard another interview where he did indeed said he did gay porn. But, no "gay" seemed to be mentioned in this one. In any event, gotta love this man. He is so humble, and funny.

Mike P

My partner and I met The Rock's wife at a Miami Beach spa...she was very friendly & approachable and told us that he "loves his gay fans". He doesn't mind playing gay on screen (he played that gay bouncer in that awful sequel to Get Shorty) and he expressed interest through his agent in attending a gay fundraiser that I was coordinating for the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (at our request), but had to back out at the last minute due to scheduling restraints. He is very cool and he "keeps teasing us" 'cause he knows it will keep his gay fans titillated.

hot lunch

saw him interviewed on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and Donny asked him about his big gay fan base. The Rock replied in a positive manner and said he's had a lot of great gay influences in his lifetime. he could bodyslam me anyday.


Thank you for this witty profile on my husband, Dwayne. I appreciate your continued support of him and his many works. You're a jewel.

Thanks again. I am glad to be a supporter of your site.

Kevin E. Taylor-Johnson


That last post by kevin was classic, LOL, u guys are right The Rock is a Hottie.


He does have a hot body, but I can't figure out what I don't like about his face, even though I'm still strangeley attracted to him regardless...


if he's not gay, he's very metrosexual, which basically means bi-curious. he does loves his face cream, manicures and perfect white teeth. he probably takes more time in the mirror than most women. but i still love the ROCK!!!!I wonder if he is a bttm.


The Rock is so hot. I'm definitely a fan for life.


Well gay or gay not, i still think that he is one hot hunk oh man that i would love to go down on. Forgive me for sounding sleeeezy but the man just turns me on. Ever since i saw him for the first time on raw, i wanted to plan my teenage lips around his cock. YooooHoooo! Rocky baby, over here!!


Dwayne and I were sitting around the lounge just yesterday evening, sipping on some champagne and in-joying some dinner, and we had to log on to The Rod.

We continue to be delighted by your rich writings, saucy musings and detail profiling.

Check the credits of the next movie and we'll be sure to mention you, dearest Rod, for your continued love and support.

Love and Thanks Giving,
Kevin E. Taylor-Johnson


Just gotta say if there were a perfect man Dwayne Johnson "the Roc"is it...this man has intelligence, looks, style, charm, charisma...holy shit...ah dreams...LOL...May he grace movie and television screens for years to come...Thanx Roc


I Like Gay mens

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