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01 December 2005



Oh no. The Rock has his own category now. You must like him, haha.


You know Rod - you and I have shared several masculine fantasies and I don't mind - You catch em on the downstroke I hit em on the upstroke, lol

As well as you've convinced me about fifty regardless of what Vivica says -

But you are going to have to stop very casually working up a case for Dwayne, lol lol

Those thighs are meant to be wrapped around the licious one - find you your own WRESTLER MANNNNN

Mike P

Did anyone notice that The Rock will be one of the presenters at this years Video Game Awards on Spike TV in a week or so...he's all over the promos lookin fine and s**t! I will gladly Tivo it and fast forward thru the "very hetero award show" to see him (and Missy Elliott) present awards.



Twice in a week!

What a doll you are!!! Dwayne and I were just up late, goggling his name and sharing a snuggle and, wow, here he is again, on The Rod!

Thanks again, baby, for the love and Dwayne and I promised to do an in-person interview when we are in NYC again.

Love you and we are dying to read the next NOAH'S ARC RECAP! Did we do something wrong? Where have they gone? We were in Hong Kong last week and we missed your witty and rapier stylings.

Looking forward
Kevin E. Taylor-Johnson

PS, please know that we would never bring a Kenny Chesney into our bed or even our home. Now, if you really want some insight, think more towards TIM McGRAW or even TOBY KEITH (purely because Dwayne and I love his lips).

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