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21 December 2005



I stopped watching the Apprentice after Chump dissed Kevin with that same bullshit "over-educated" line. While I congratulate Randal on his win, what has he actually won? A job with Trump. Big fuckin' deal.


Actually, the title of the post "What A Dick" is really very open-ended on purpose. Is it in reference to Randal or The Donald? People have automatically assumed it was an attack on Randal, which I find interesting. In the post I call Randal a dick -- almost as a way to express that first gut reaction that I and millions of others had. But then I go on to question that and wonder whether or not it was really Trump who was the dick. Either way, I wanted to galvanize people into discussion, and that's exactly what happened. Thanks for checking it out...

anthony davis

I have been watching the "Apprentice" for sometime now and I must say that I was really pissed off by what happened after Randall won.In the three seasons prior to this one Trump never wanted to create a co-Apprentice so why do it the first time that someone of color wins.Randall had impeccable credentials and if he had been a white man with credentials like that,the decision to hire him would've been a slamdunk.Rebecca was nowhere in this man's league but yet Trump wanted to make it seem as if she was just as qualified as what Randall was.A serious racial divide definately exists because when discussing the show with my white co-workers they also felt as if Randall was wrong and I was even worst because I dared to raise the issue of why now when a person of color wins,do Trump want to create co-winners.

andrew Hurvitz

Randal was the most qualified. In any case, he was the one chosen so he should not have had to share his glory with the "runner up".

Trump was indecisive-- and worse he put the blame on Randal.


That TVGasm post is deep! How can people be so damn lost. The whole purpose of this "reality" genre is for one person to come out on top. That's what they created and now all of sudden there's New Rules. This ain't Bill Maher.

Andy in Seattle

Double standard, plain and simple. So tired, Donald. Please siddown.


Come on guys, must we look at everything through a racial lens??? Randall was outstanding and Trump saw that. Trump also felt Rebecca was excellent (she was just okay in my opinion), and did not want to let her go. It's his prerogrative. He could have hired her without seeking Randall's opinion. That he left the decision to Randall shows how much he respects him. Plain and simple. Let's stop turning this into something that it's not.

hot lunch

thanks for making me see this from another perspective. i too was thinking that Randall was a bit mean for not letting Trump hire Rebecca, but after hearing your and other people's take on the whole thing, i think everything that happened was how it should have. congrats to Randall!

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