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29 January 2006


Mark Norris

I love you Rod. That is why I always check you out 2 or 3 times a day. You always have something that interests me. Like this A-1 Sauce of a male specimen Raz B. I am trying with all I can to get our Pride board of directors here in Long Beach to invite him here. He is truly a hottie-pa-tootie. Gay, straight or whatever....I would drink the boys bath water.

I know guys......I am seeing a therapist, lol.

boogie tonight

wow he has nice lips...


Is there a site on the web where there is more of those "infamous pics" of the B2K hotel romp in their underwear? Someone please post the info or Rod include in your next installment-by the way; Love your Magazine. Got any info on Shanice?...I love her new Single, "Every Woman's Dream." Her CD is supposed to drop soon..


Rod, You are the BEST. I love your site and am so proud to have my interview with Raz featured on your blog. I hope your readers enjoy listening to the interview as much as I did recording it. I hope that his gay/sgl fans throw some of the support back at him when his new album comes out.


I really admire this guy he's really not only taken to his gay fans, which come on B2K was like a gay mans wet dream. I think not only performing at Pride but at clubs and appearing on the PinkMafia Radio was a huge step for him. I"m proud this kid is not dissin his fans, but embracing them!


The big question is: Does he screen calls? Only gay screen calls... Heh. Glad that another hip-hop artist is turning away from homophobia.


That was a great interview. He really got my respect on how he handled the questions and all. I think he's really going to open the doors for alot of folks to be more accepting of their gay supporters througout the industry. Im so mad I didnt get to go. I completely forgot about it.


And the color is Red...
Toto!! Toto!!

Listen, stop being so naiive haven't you learned by now that
98.9% of the time when a guy
is that HOT like RazB
he usually


Where in that interview did he talk about the underwear party?



To answer your question song bird at17 min 16 seconds into the show I asked Raz about the level of sexuality in his past including the hotel and underwear photos. Also at 21 min 09 seconds his manager addresses the issue of people paying more attention to the “photos that create those controversies” about Raz’s sexuality then they do to hard facts about other Hip Hop artists committing rapes and murders. She continues to address the hotel photos and the backlash created by those images when she talks about how in Hip Hop “its better to be a murderer then to be gay, and that’s something that we need to address as a people, because it’s a sad state if that’s the way it is”

Jay Allen

I love this Magazine. It is refreshing and inviting.

P.S. Please find more info on RazB and 50 Cent. (Well after all, I'm only concerned about there well-being...wink...lol). Thanks.


Rize Africa

hey man di nigga is hot (he's grown a little bit)..yo Rod yo site is informative and entertaining..more because we catz in South Africa gets informed about dem fells in da US..keep up the good work...Thiery

Te Be

I am so glad he is playing that role on Noah's Arc. I have ALWAYS had a major crush on him and J Boog back when the group was still intact.

If only I could act alongside him to kiss those lips! Mmmmmmm....

Much love to him and the cast of the Arc (especially that Wade!)



First of all I kno' my man Raz-B aka "Demario Monte Thornton is not gay you'all might think that cuzz he got big lips or he sung at a gay club I heard him hisself say he have some gay friends and don't jump 2 conclusion about him if you don't know okay ,okay


hey sey


i would be so happy if Raz B was cause I just love him i would do any thing for him any thing I love Raz B so much I cring right now i love u Raz B

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