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30 January 2006



Fiddy writing children's books is too amusing. Thanks for the great topics and wrap Rod. Every day you manage to find graet news for the community.

patrick s

Is there any information on Herndon's show? I don't think it comes on in Atlanta, or does it??


Ah. My father.


Very proud that my black LGBT sisters and brothers are taking it upon ourselves to broaden the images. Maybe young black kids growing up these days can begin to put a name on who they are.


Wow, wish that I could see Brent and Fred talk to Herndon. Fred is such a cutie and a great writer.
Will there be video?

As always, love your site keep up the fierceness. More Dreamgirls this week!!


My father Baldwin, that is....


For, by, and about ourselves! This has always been my hope with respect to the gay and lesbian black community taking charge of our own image, recognizing our own talents, supporting and encouraging these talents, and lending always a friendly and helpful hand to one another. I guess I sound like the old fashioned "race man" of a century ago within the general black community. I just want the best for gay and lesbian black folks. It is our time to whirl and dance in the face of the sun.

Rod, this blog of yours has good vibes!


He (50 Cent) is trying to be the male Pamela Anderson, writing children's books and all.

The second photograph looks like "J.J." from "Good Times"; I'm not sure if it is him, however. It might not be him, but it sure
looks like him.

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