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02 January 2006



Jaysus gawd!!

Rod B

marc has a tight body, i was waiting for this....


Just got to say that I think Bumper is da shyt. He got the doe, all the women and sex he wants. He's got the opportunity to do whatever to them he wants.He has the body (straight maintanance), and ya got to give the man props for his looks.
Most of all, the man is straight. Everybody want the nigga. But, just let the man be. I feel that some straight people are just who they are (straight). And some of them are just pleasing to look at.
So, just give the man his props. Im sure, to him, theres no competition reguarless of ANY poll taken.

taylor Siluwé

A naked Daniel Norell layout !!????

**loses consciousness**


Am looking forward to the Marc Williams versitile/bottom scene -- talk about a dream come true! Baby truly got back. The Norrell should be very tasty (I'll leave him alone cause you saw him first, Rod:). And if Brian Pumper likes to get licked and says he's straight, he's straight, so what. I got NO problem with him, the boys hot as s-h- and done the near impossible: he (and that thick mf Mr Marcus) are getting me to enjoy watch straight porn!

patrick s

Rod, thanks so much for starting the year off with a bang. We missed you so much. Rod 2.0 rocks!


Pumper is incredible!


Okay Rod, I've waited long enough for Daniel's layout....give it up man!!!


Brian Pumper is straight up gay, he aint no different then one of these so called "dl" men that claim that they straight. Hell anytime a man is throwing his legs back in the air, something aint right, just like when two men are fuckin the same woman and both dick rubbin together, come on now...besides alot of the so called str8 porno stars got they start in gay movies...like Byron Long...All Brian Pumper needs is to be Pumped...


Two words--Justin Slayer. You guys have got to see him.

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