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28 February 2006



The Derrick L. Briggs Book Club is reading this book now and will feature Lee Hayes March 25th in New York City...I'm excited!



Thanks so much for this review. I heard that Lee had a new one. If youn like it, know that I would too.

patrick s

I loved PASSION MARKS and will definitely buy this one. Yeah, I thought that kevin needed to grown up but still felt sorry for him.


Thanks for the review. Lee's book was one of the first (if not thye first) to introduce domestic abuse in gay relationships. He's done a lot of good.

Cash S

Damn, I'm going to have to check this one out!


A Deeper Blue was a wonderful novel filled with much drama, plot twists, and page turning suspense. As a fellow writer, I tip my hat to Lee Hayes!

taylor Siluwé

I just started it yesterday! So I had to skip most of the review because I didn't want to spoil anything.

Passion Marks one was pretty cool though, and groundbreaking in terms of domestic violence between two black men.

Kudo's, once again, to Lee Hayes!


I read the book and I hate to say the book is contrite and over the top melodramatic. Some of the plot was just non-believable.


^^ Totally disagree with Donny. It's a novel and should be dramatic. That's what makes it interesting. It's not trying to sedate reading, it's a page-turner.


I read Passion Marks 1 & 2 in a matter of 4 nights. I started and could not stop reading. He really did a good job on the the whole topic of the book. I would suggest this book to evryone that I know who read. To be honest I saw some of myself in a least one of the characters ( I will not tell you which one). Keep up the good work.

faye harris

hi rod vit,s been a while so here i go i also read passion marks love the book from the the frist word to the last.i was so deep i readthe book in one day.now for passion mark 2 i waited on that book in oct.,nov. dec.i waited so long i got readers block.i could not read another book until i read that book.i got it the day it came out ,i read in 3hrs. i was hipe.i did,nt injoy it as mush as the first one.i,am still having readers block i need a great book to put me back on track.i read at least 5 books a week. i havenot read a whole book since oct.help a sister get back on track.can you tell some great to read.peace love always faye

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