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13 February 2006



Ooooh you didn't go there. Miss Diedre is wonderful, Miss Rivera is a living legend.

patrick s

Deidre is an incredible performer. She was Velma, Roxie and Annie in Chicago. Loved that number in the film, too. "I was cutting up some chicken, minding my own business!!"

Work it out, Rod! Give us divas and hot boys!


Oh Rod, we love you. You only gush over Broadway, fashion, muscle boys and Dreamgirls. Such a New Yorker. :)


I'm glad that I am not the only one who recognizes the fabulosity of Deidre Goodwin!!! She caught my eye when she played Annie in the touring ensemble of "Chicago", starring Jasmine Guy, back in 1997 or so. I then saw her take over the lead as Velmain the show a few years later. Glad to see her performance saved on film in the Chicago movie, even if only as an ensemble member. Watch her very closely in the "Cell Block Tango" number and notice how high her kicks are. Her ankles touch her ears with no effort at all. Looking for more good stuff from Deidre in the future!!!!


hey rod...ooh, LOVE me some deidre goodwin...she wore it out inthe film version of chicago...good post. im hoping to catch the dancer's life before it enddsits run.

tahti m

just wanna say keep uo the good work. love the info thats posted.
keep us up


Just saw the show tonight and am sad to know that it's closing. GO SEE AN ICON STILL LAYING HER THING DOWN!

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