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31 March 2006


taylor Siluwé

Orlando: Y'all notice she didn't comment on my look today?

Martha: I just got out of prison, I've seen worse.

patrick s

ROB: Is his dick also covered in glitter.

MARTHA: Oh yes. It's a good thing.


Martha: See? If you get down really low like that and keep your eyes on the prize, it won't splash all over you!

Rob: Wow! So that's what you learn in prison?!?

Orlando: Hell naw! But if you're good, I'll teach you a couple of things!


Orlando: "Hrrrp me. Mm stuck."

Martha: "Okay, this happens sometimes with glue and glitter. Just apply a little baby oil here, and here. -- Oh shit, Rob, my shoes!!" (Whack!)


ROB: Aren't they supposed to be larger?

MARTHA: Maybe he's a grower and not a shower.

Virginia Slim

Martha: And that is how you add some glitz with glitter! But you know gentlemen, as the saying goes, all that glitters isn't gold!

Orlando: Yeah, you right about that. I was dating this girl once who I thought was wifey material, but it turned out she was only a gold digger.

Rob: From the looks of it, she probably figured she was digging in the wrong field.

Orlando: But at least my shovel is big enough to plow through any field I want! Catch it.


MARTHA: Don't panic... at the count of three you just go for it... ok? Wait, lemme go first.

Rob: No. I can handle this.

Orlando: Should I let them blow me?


Martha: Oh Rob, that is excellent technique. So, you don't use your teeth?

j. brotherlove

On an upcoming episode of Martha Stewart Living, Martha invites clueless celebrities for "Metrosexual Makeovers". Pretty boy Rob Estes stops by to help with the transformations (show here, ensuring Orlando Jones' socks match his boxers). Asked whether her new focus will alienate fans, Martha replied "Oh, not at all. The success of Brokeback Mountain has brought a new, male fanbase to my show. Even the straightest, unattractive man can embrace his inner homosexual."


Martha: This reminds of that episode of "Silk Stalkings" you did Rob when that tranny crack whore was trying to get you to massage her/his bunions.

Rob: Yeah... but unlike Orlando... she had her stuff tucked. Look it's peeking out of the cuff of his pants.

Orlando: Look bitch I didn't pack any briefs. Martha you have any tape handy?


Martha: "And finally with a little glitter, you can turn any Black person into a Michael Jackson Clone." "Give it a try Rob."
Rob: "I see. And the Off the Wall version was a good choice for Orlando's nose!"


Orlando: See folks at home, this is how you make bitches, beg. Pull my finger, Rob.

Martha: Rob, make sure your knees face the correct way on this mat.


Rob: Umph, umph, upmh--bitch, what's the degaga?!

Martha: Oh--been there, done that. Ain't no T there.

Orlando: Then why was you screaming like a sistah in church? Whatevah--you just mad I'm prettier in pink than you are, okaaay?

Mark Norris

Rob: Ok, let's make this part of him a little bigger.

Martha: Should that part of the drawing be that BIG?!!!

Orlando: While they figure out the right size, we'll take a commercial break.

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