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27 March 2006


Cash S

Though I do think he's fine as hell and a body out of this world, I don't believe he's gay. He's just real cool, calm, and comfortable with himself.

The lap dance was all in fun, why would he have gotten upset and started throwing punches?

Derrick from Philly

I think it's funny that gay men who are often anti-transgendered ("if I wanted a woman, I'd get a real one..." that's what y'all say) would think that a straight guy being turned on by a tranny means he's gay. If you look at magazines that advertize gay porn, they almost never include tranny porn. You have to go to straight porn advertisements (mail order flyers) to find tranny porn. So, why would you think Maven is gay if he's turned on by a transsexual?

Derrick from Philly

I'm sorry, I thought there were gay guys saying Maven was gay, I read the posts and now I see it was some straight asshole "threatening" that people will think Maven's gay. But what I said about tranny porn being for straight guys is still true.


If he's a man who's attracted to a MTF, does that make him "gay"? What if we were to drop some of these restrictive notions of identity and realize that some people are sexually "open," and might enjoy a range of sexual options? Keguro wrote about identity as "pleasure" on Larry Lyons' blog, and I think that's an interesting way of looking at things, especially here. More power to both Maven and Arquette.


And why do people, particularly gay men, forget about BISEXUALITY? All sexuality is not bimodal,gay or heterosexual. Many people are bisexual or heteroflexible or homoflexible or pansexual. Update your notions of sexual identity and orientation.


I co-sign with Derrick. Many folks both gay and straight are stuck on labels and fail to see the range that is human sexuality. I knew someone who was exclusively attracted to MTFs. He considered himself part of the larger gay community, but did not date males who looked like males, only ones who were transgendered. To label him 'gay' would be too restrictive.

Damn! I wish I had cable to see the show. Maven is hot as hell and is Alexis still going by her drag name Eva Destruction?...love that.



No, I think the question should be:

Why is it always that the most good-looking, desirable men are gay/DL?

From LL to Usher to Raz-B. There's always someone who knows someone who knows someone's cousin that heard [insert hot male celebrity] gets down. Why don't you ever hear gay/DL rumors about Cerdic the Entertainer, Ernest Borgnine, Meatloaf or Jack Black?

My guess? Because these gay/DL rumors are more about personal fantasies than about truth--which I think is sad and tragic.


I had completely missed that Maven was going to be on Surreal. My dvr is set now. He was a cool guy on Tuff Enuf and a great addition to WWE.

Waddie G.

I don't care about Maven's sexuality. I just want him all to myself.

Derrick from Philly

Your posting was intelligent and well put, but
Didn't you know that there are no ugly or even plain gay/sgl/dl/homothug men. We are all flawless, and so when we see a good-looking (expecially, if he looks like bathes) man, we know he can't be 100% heterosexual. They are by nature, ugly.


gay humor is not as taboo as it was a few years ago. you watch a lot of skits on SNL and MAD TV you'll see that they constantly raising the bar and having two straight guys make out or getting them involved in gay sketches I just think that this generation is more open to the gay culture


Maven and Alexis are definitely the main reasons to watch Surreal Life. I agree that he's just a cool, collected individual. He's shown no proof that he's into boys (as much as I'd love to make out with him...*LOL*)

Poor Sherman, though. I can't believe he agreed to do the show.


Tell me why in this day and age they still blurred out Maven's bare ass. Ok I know why but it's so stupid esp with the fine ass you know Maven has.

Michael McFarland

I think Maven is just a typical guy. Men are horny all the time, I don't think he is gay, I think he just has a heart of gold. If he is gay, so what? He is a hunk, and I am glad he is not a hateful person. He has the hottest butt in all of the United States.


I think that Maven answered for all of us, that he is the girliest guy around; Of course i would not tell him that to his face, but i think that he confirmed his sexuality on the last episode of the Sureal life 6. I would love to ask him on a date.


um he is not gay cause he is my best friend and we went out!!! Years ago he is not gay! He is just a nice guy and maybe you need to stop being a prick about it! Theres nothing wrong with getting along with transexuals! There human beings!!! They have feelings and thats rude! I have a friend thats a transexual! K


any links to the lapdance?


does anyone haveany pic of maven and his penis or huge bulge????


Who cares what his sexuality is, whatever makes him happy . He dosen't seem like a mean person so don't hate.


i think maven is so sexy and I would love to sit on his face and really put a hurting on him!! i want to really swallow him whole..what women or man would not!!!


Maven is officially gay. He announced it in the May 2007 edition of PWI magazine. Read his wikipedia article.

calum emm

fuck you maven rules he is on bebo!!
his username is maven-2k7

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