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23 May 2006



Good interview with Jermaine. He is hot.


Okay, so the online hustlers only do this to make money to travel and go to afford high-price gym memberships? Doesn't make them any better.


Alright, who gave Karamo another 15 minutes? More importantly, why?


LOL @ Bernie

but someone should have taken "ramo" to task for dissin' landon and shavonda for hooking up. i guess he never heard of hypocrisy or double standard, huh?


Puerto Rican isn't a racial category, but a national or ethnic one. Puerto Ricans can be black, white, Asian, and so on but most are racially mixed. An African-American in a relationship with a Puerto Rican would not be interracial but interethnic, unless the Puerto Rican person was white or not in any way black or of African descent.


I'm quite aware of Census Dept and sociological racial categories. However, you answered this in the second part of your response after the "unless."

A Puerto Rican (or any other Hispanic) could be classified as "white Hispanic", or, "non-Hipsanic." So technically, yes, their relationship would be inter-racial.


Has anyone else heard Jermaine Taylor talk? He has a serious Richard Simmons/Rip Taylor/flaming queen thing happening. I'm curious if it's an act or if he really talks that way. It's incongruent with his type: he could pass for a hot masculine man, except for the over-the-top voice. Serious question. No offense, J.

a thomas c

i agree with Bernie...

but u can't blame the kid for spinning 15 minutes into something more than what it should be...

he bothers me...on the inside parts...lol


Keith did a great interview with Jermaine but if you would like to hear him speak just click my name to check out my interview with him from April. Jermaine is such a sweet guy and his show is addictive.

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