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22 May 2006


Derrick from Philly

I should've known Lee Daniels had a long term partner. Well, that's another secret love fantasy of mine gone with the wind. I give the f___k up.


Same weekend and two articles that present totally oppposite views of the movie. I love it.

PS, Cuba definitely has a nice butt, u can bet@!

Mark from Oakland

Not sure what I think about the black/white/hung observations. If movie publicists and black actors' publicists were marketing their stars on the basis of cock size, wouldn't we be hollering about stereotyping?

I think the fixation on cock size is still about stereotypes: the fact that some white actors have big dicks is seen as newsworthy and titillating. Black men are presumed to have big dicks, so no news there. Stereotypes all.

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