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15 June 2006



I gotta say, there's something about Omarion that bugs me. Maybe it's the bravado that more "established" vocalists carry after going through the ringer a bit. I sorta feel like Omarion just hasn't paid his dues to be so big of himself, ya know?

...anything come from the Raz B rumors, by the way?

midnight lounge

Yeah, that didn't translate well. I meant to say that it's Omarion's bravado that bugs me. The same bravado that other, more established, vocalists tend to have....

yeah, I'm a dumbass today.


I like Omarions music actually. He was the star of B2K and it shows with the success of his solo effots.


OmaRiOn da best - fuck the rest ....omarion ...ya ma one and only ..lav ya 4 eva *KiZZ*


Omarion is one of our greatest entertainers right now. You can't hate on a young, talented and might I add FINE, man who is making his money. I LOVE YOU OMARION!!!


Omarion sux and this has nothing to do with his talent. He sux because of HOW HE LEFT B2K. He lied and was caught on numerous lies. So with that sed and dun YOU DONT HAVE TO SELL OUT TO SELL ya digg? he sold out and it was not necessary because he DOES HAVE TALENT. Oh Well nothing he does turns to gold anymore so he's been dropped from his Label, his own label nosedived and this is just what happens when you do things in a very FLUPPED UP NATURE.

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