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02 June 2006



OK, but wait...

"You'll notice, no photos on this post. After working so many years in television news, it's frustrating to look at one after another mug shot of black men accused of hurting, killing or trying to kill another."

Your posting the pic of a murder victim, accused of swapping sex for lodging and clean clothes. A man being accused of attempting to have group sex which will prejudice any jury. A man who may not have wanted the world or that daughter to know he was gay. His pic your posting but your frustration prevents you from posting the pic of the accused killer? I also get the tired of all the mugshots but it should be both or neither. He has just been victimized again.

No disrespect, just a comment from a fan of your site.

Rod M

It is standard operating procedure in news to post pictures of deceased crime victims.

Days ago, Mr. Perry's photo, the mugshot and perp walk were broadcast by KOMO, KIRO and KING-TV, the Seattle PI ... and many other sources whose audiences and influence far eclipse this site. Also, if you watched the report, you'll notice that television cameras are allowed inside courtrooms in Washington state.

The suspect's admissions are a matter of public record. In solving a crime--esp. a murder--wouldn't you say that truth, fairness and a conviction are more important than hurt feelings?

I think we do a good job trying to be fair--for instance, the vic photo is a very small fraction of the screen capture, which is why that specific shot was chosen. It's a quantum leap to say that we're "re-victimizing."



It's like this. I happen to know Morris, and he was a nice guy, but he was also a sex addict. A problem that many gay men have, don't admit to or attempt to resolve. He was always on the hunt..constantly looking for the next partner. Tacoma, a small city with a large population of drug addicts and homesless, provides large huge pool to select from; $20 or less. However, inviting complete strangers into your home can result in a much higher price; your life.

This was a wake call to our gay community. We've all done it do some extent. Chat lines, web sites, or homeless people on the street. Invited a stranger into our homes for SEX...It could have been any of us!!!!

Have fun....but be smart and be safe!!!

rai g

i met morris in a gay/bi/les club so yes he was indeed gay HOWEVER saying that doesn't justify him being murdered in such a horrific mannor..noone deserves to lose their life in a way he did..he was a caring and loving guy and no matter what his preference was that was his business. you say he was a sex addict, well again that is something alot of people gay or not suffer from. still doesn't justify him dying the way he did..
posting his pic up draws awareness to the community that you must be careful. but it also hurts the family and friends of morris knowing they will never see him again in life..

think smart people!

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