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02 June 2006


Lee Owens

This LaBelle and Cher is just classic! Too bad you didn't have the video on Runaway Love from Linda Clifford. Love it.


I've always gotten a very, very gay vibe from Mario Lopez.


Mario's hot? Check out his father! I'd do both of them!


Wow great video of Mario, when I was a kid I came out to my mom by showing her photos of him in teen beat and told her about my huge crush on him.

Derrick from Philly

Steven, you must have had a wonderful and understanding mother. My mother woulda' beat the shit outta' me...well, atleast that would've made me ready for an intimate moment with Mario. Hell, when I was a kid, Mario's father was a kid. Anyway, I've suddenly become Latino crazy! Don't y'all dare any of these papis back below the border (the gay friendly... I mean the "queen" friendly ones).

Derrick from Philly

I meant to say, don't y'all SEND any of these Latino papis away with all that illegal alien shit going on. And I mean to have me atleast one or two papis chulos before I go on to that great Bette Davis film festival in the sky.

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