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05 June 2006


Joe Jons

He's a good player and very easy on the eyes. Oui Oui!


Rod: I work in sports, and I've been checking out Boris since the playoffs began.
(1) He has a habit of blowing/warming his hands before free throws. That's what he's doing in the quartet of pics.
(2) He has a banging big ass, to which still pics don't do justice.


Boris, Boris, Boris...Dayum, Dayum, Dayum!

KB is right about Phoenix...There is a whole roster full of fine-ass-mens of that team!

His personal website is a must see! The pics with the Spurs Tony Parker should make Eva questions her man's commitment!

Tony R

Ohmygod he is a heartbreaker. He seems very comfortabel being held by the waist.

Lee Owens

The blowing on his hands is sexy.


Seahawk is right. His ass is bangin. I love wathin replays just to catch that booty.

Joe Jons

Okay, I had to take a look at what you all aretalking about. OMG. What a phatty. I can't believe Rod missed that.


Very sexy.


He's really pretty. Almost too pretty. And very nice it seems from reading his site.


sorry bruthas... I'm still holding a torch for my man D-Wade. He'll come to his senses and return my calls soon. (waits for celly to wring)....Really I know he'll call.


I love this site.A friend told me about it yesterday.But it seems like most of the guys featured in here are either lightskinned,spanish looking or prettyboy mixed types.there are alot of sexy beautiful darkskin\brownskin men in the world but it seems in most of the black gay advertisement\websites.the lightskin blacks or latins are used.Can we please stop this self hatred.All shades of black is beautiful.Lets show the darkskin brothas some love!1


Chris: Give it some time. You'll see enough chocolate here to cover Hershey, PA. Hang around a few weeks, and you'll see the wide spectrum, from T.O. to Lenny K., and everything in between.

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