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02 August 2006



Yes sir, that man certainly has what it takes. He's truly the total package, a very, very gifted athlete. His talents were clearly on display during the race. I'd love to experience him the ABC way: Up close and personal.


Maybe he mistook the race for a relay and he brought his baton?

Wooo! No wonder Justin Gatlin had to take steroids to keep up.

Derrick from Philly

Seriously, is there a reason that track'n'field guys don't wear jock straps anymore? Does it help their movement/technique, or is it just too 'cause women and homos to faint in 100 degree plus temperatures. Bad little hunks 'o chocolate.


Damn! I think I am in love with the thing…Is that even possisble?

There is another examination of Mr. Powell's "performance" on YOUTUBE. It is succinctly, but appropriately, entitled Asafa Powell's Bouncing Package. It’s shorter and even hotter that the other!

The link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsdWJ_OhcsQ&search=asafa%20powell%20


And we wonder why we are viewed as hyper sexual creatures? Everything is sexual to gay men and its sad.

Nothing I haven't seen before on a daily basis as my partner runs around our garden.


You sad. Me happy. Frankly, sj, I don't give a rat's ass what kinda creature "they" think I am. You can dress up in a 3 piece suit and look like the part of a straight monkey, but you'll still be an ass fucking homo to someone.


And that's why the black homosexual will have no credible social standing without something sexually derogatory attached to it because nobody cares as long as you can see the dick.

Its one thing to be empowered by your sexuality. Quite another to be shackeled to it because society has already decided what and who you are.


Well said Gene!

One other thing from me on this:

There is a story in the Jamaica Star online entitled: 'Big' joke on Asafa at Comedy Festival. It is about Asafa Powell being roasted at the International Comedy festival recently held in New Kingston. It appears that the gays aren’t the only ones who noticed his “gift.”

The link is here: http://www.jamaica-star.com/thestar/20050705/ent/ent1.html.

The relevant part is this hilarious excerpt:

Most Prominent Bulge

The laughter rising, (comedian) Fancy Cat came front and centre - and the belly was not the most prominent bulge. That honour belonged a further south. "He is the biggest runner in Jamaica!" (comedian) Ity announced, Fancy Cat adjusting the bulge that threatened to make him a one-man candidate for a three-legged race, the members of the audience howling with laughter.

It was not the only joke of the night around Asafa Powell. (Comedian) Trevor 'Dynamite' Eastmond of Barbados, who hit a happy note with the audience howling with his explanation of the speed of Jamaican athletes. "Jamaicans hear gunshot regular. Anytime you put a Jamaican on his knees and say 'on yu mark, get set, bow!', you can't beat him," Eastmond said.


Oh please,SJ...You see it everyday in your backyard but some of us are single, okay? And even if we were in some kind of partnership, a little bit of voyeurism won't hurt anyone. Shuuut! You sad, Gene happy, Me horny!! LOL.


It's amazing that he's that fast with so much to carry around with him! Pretty soon Track and Field events will have to have a Parental Warning label on them.

And sj:In case you hadn't noticed, this blog is a remarkably varied mix of news, information, entertainment, and hotness. Very well rounded, IMHO. Sort of like 90% of the black LGBT/SGL people I know...



This is Rod of Rod 2.0.

Not sure are you black or white, or, are your remarks sarcasm or an attempt at highbrow dicussion. In any event, maybe you're a little offbase and reading (and commenting) too much into one light post? The overwhelming majority of content here is news on gay rights and issues, information on HIV, politics, books, the arts, advertising, television and such.

A photo or video of a track star is no more or no less than what is offered by any of the leading white gay blogs--such as Towleroad, Queerty, Oh la la Paris, Made in Brazil, or, at Gawker/Fleshbot, where I happen to freelance. Whatever comments you make about the "black homosexual"--a phrase itself which is archaic, one might add--are just as appropriate for the larger, white gay community.


not to mention if you go to (majority)hetero blogs like Airing of Grievances, you see women in bikinis, etc. Men, gay and straight, enjoy being visually stimulated. get over it.

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