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31 August 2006


patrick s

Go ahead, my Ghanaian brothers.

Rod, I love the fact that not only do give us all the news on gay black American men but also on our gay brothers and sisters in Africa and Europe. Thank you.

Alan T

I'm not sure why Don King is always waving a flag and supporting the far-right. Maybe since he's a gazillionaire he feels it is his right.

Love the coverage of African gays. And I really love your "Only on Fox" category!

Work it out, Rod.


Is it illegal to be gay in Ghana? If so, these new activists are really taking a chance.


Yes, it is quite illegal to engage in gay sex in Ghana.

And, yes, these folks are courageous beyond the imagination of most Americans, who won’t even go out in the street to protest against a government of gangsters who bomb nations and steal billions.


since when does an ex-felon and murderer like don king speak for anyone black? can he even vote for "dubya?" it is dispicable how these people of color get a couple of bucks and think they fit in to the grand plan of the gop, amazing dimwitted churls to say the least.


Don't get mad at Don, ya'll. His supporting Bush HURTS Bush more than it hurts us (African-Americans). Whenever you have sombody like Don King on your side, you should KNOW you are doing something wrong. Anyone who is semi-intelligent knows that King is not the voice of Black America. Anyone who is REALLY intelligent knows that there is no "voice of Black America."

Sorry to hear about the riff between Obama and Kenya. African countries are notorious for their corruption and their disdain for anyone who speaks out against it, but Americans are also notorious for going to other countries, getting on soap boxes and preaching about what they don't know about.


Don King is a cipher....he has no influence or credibility - hence, his appearance on Fox.

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