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31 August 2006


Kevin C

I'm so pulling for Michael to be in the final 3. I've been very impressed with his work on the show. He truly understands how clothes should "fit".

Bring it on home Michael!!

Kevin C


I swear to you I never thought I'd get caught up in a reality show like this, but Project "Runaway" (as I like to call it) just has me obsessed. I'm even going to their website afterwards to read comments and hear podcasts.

ANYWAY, Michael should have won AGAIN last night. Through every single competition he continues to get it! To understand fabrics, construction, demonstrating creativity, and most importantly, understanding WHY people where clothes and what they want in an outfit. The loathesome Jeffrey ONLY knows how to design for rock-n-roll stars, as he keeps saying over and over. Well hell, he came into the competition knowing how to do that. Where's the creativity? Where's the growth as a designer?

I like the remaining people (although Vincent is just dizzy, and Kayne's designs are decidedly trailer park), but if Michael doesn't win this whole competition there ought to be an investigation.

Ok, I'll calm down...until next week.


I agree.

Michael should have won again last night, but I am glad that he didn't, at some level. It continues to set the bar HIGH for him and he continues to reach it.

I just want him in the Final Three, so that he can wear them OUT!

But I have GOT to be honest! As much as I cannot, CANNOT stand Jeff and PRAY that the Final 3 is:




probably JEFF because the TRIO would be so hot and so diverse,

JEFFREY definitely worked that $75 outfit. That fabric that he found for the jacket was SO LUXE that you forgot, until judges said so, that all they had was that amount to work with! So kudos (small k) to Jeff for a hot fabric usage moment.

But I adore, I mean AM REALLY, REALLY impressed with Michael's LAST MINUTE MODIFICATION abilities!!!! To be able to change the skirt to hotpants with little time to go AND STILL BE COMMENDING FOR EXECUTION and to do it again with the JACKET to SHIRT last night was SO HOT!

What I am most looking forward to is when its like FOUR of them and Michael and Jeff have a "STRAIGHT BOY CATFIGHT" because Jeff is one more loss away from saying NIGGER to Michael...watch him! I guarantee you, this thing is about to GET HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wondering if I could have that made to fit my chest... damn thats a hot fit right therrr...


I don't think Michael will give Jeffrey the satisfaction of blowing his cool. While he clearly has had an opinion about the behavior of some of his competitors, he's seemed to rise above it all. He focuses on his work, gets along with everyone and just designs his natural (cute) Black ass off.

And just so you know, you can bid on Michael's outfit: http://projectrunway.auction.seenon.com/viewitem.php?item=351

Ok, now really. I'm done talking about this show. Seriously.


Final 3 = Uli (fav to win), Michael and Jeffrey. Laura's running out steam and her range is not, I find, going to carry her to Fashion Week. She can come to Fashion week next fall, and post-pregnancy #6 - perhaps with classy maternity wear LOL. She'll be fine with the savvy handlers, yet not too many restrictions.

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