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28 September 2006



Thanks for bringing these to my attention.


Thanks Rod.

Paul T.

I didnt even know that Julain Bond had bene so active on gay rights. That's a shame, he is so old school and progrerssive and these new "black leaders" are so conservative and anti-gay.


I co-sign the other comments. Thanks for sharing this with YOUR readers Rod.


sorry, but thats a sorry excuse for not going to the funeral. once again Bond places himself above others and above the situation.
first. her family chose that location. they know her better than he does.
second. it is one of the FEW places in atlanta that can hold that many people. and still have a "church" environment.

if my best friend, or a so called friend didnt attend a funeral for that reason, i would not think much of them. sometimes personal relationships, and the situation is bigger than the politics- and sometimes its even bigger than Julian Bond!

Derrick from Philly

"they know her better..."

Families are notorious for not obeying the wishes of a family member who dies. Black gays have seen this more than anybody over the last 25 years: our friends die and the family pretends they don't know what killed him, then refuse to have the kind of memorial service their gay son, nephew, uncle asked for. Don't get me started.

C. Baptiste-Williams

doesnt matter u are dead u wont know who is there or not

Derrick from Philly

Well, you know how sissies talk. I tell 'em all about the service when I meet them again at that great gay bar in the sky...or the other heated location.

Lee owens


Julian Bond comes out for black gays, gay rights, marriage, HIV education and against black homophobia. And some of you dizzy queens wanna disagree with him not going to the funeral. It doesn't matter, look at how much he has done.

"SM", as Keith and Rod said, what have you done to make yourself proud today? Julian Bond isn't even gay and he speaks up more than most.

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