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03 October 2006


Alan T


Thanks for the detailed review. I came on here expecting to get the news update and Foley latest and instead became got caught up in this story.

Nice to see gay black men getting love, masculine and feminine.

Bradley G.

Thanks for the review. It sounds like something that I need to buy. And I will.

Lee Owens

It sounds wonderful. I'm glad to see that story is told about about a so-called DL type who comes to accept his feelings and out of the closet.

Happy to see that the author is supporting your website.

Henry FP

Bravo! Excellent review and the book sounds liek a keeper. You haven't disappointed me yet.

Robert Graves

Great review. I wonder will he make a sequel based around Katrina?

So much was said about the gays in the French Quarter, not about the gay brothers and lesbians in the Ninth Ward.


I've never heard of this author until now. But your review is on-point and gets raves from E Lynn Harris and Dr. Angelou. Definitely need more gay black voices out there.


Wow, Babe, you are right on time. I need a new book. Thanks

Darryl Jackson

Fall books, I love it.

jan de voort

This is Jan in South Africa. I love this site, so much diversity! I will order the book from Amazon, we are starved for stories about gay Black men and women.

Thank you.


Rod, you are truly incredible. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the review, and everything else that you do.


Thanks for a review of this book, I'm going to order mine. Its nice to see book reviews about gay black men, not easy to find online, so, this is great stuff.

A. Ronald

This is a great review. Very few of the mainstream gay media chat up black gay authors. What little black gay media we have--like Clik--offer little substance, little news, and little more than Beyonce, Noah's Arc and shirtless boys.

Rod, you give you us shirtless hotties but you also write, analyze and comment on the news. And these great reviews!!

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