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25 October 2006


Andy in Seattle

Willie Horton's back and he brought his cracker bimbo. God forbid Tennessee elect the first black Senator from the South since Reconstruction... Let us pray.

Derrick from Philly

Actually, the ads may get more blonde southern girls to vote for Harold. He aint no Reggie Bush, but sometimes redbones make up in other areas for what they lack in musculature. Go for it, Tennessee white gals...at the voting booth, darlins.

A. Ronald

The ghost of Willie Horton. These type of ads are the GOP's key to success.


I wonder where Condo-lee-za and Amy Holmes are with this one, they are apologist for this "party" and are always saying its not about race but "individual freedom." They race bait everywhere, with this race, the one in Calif, where the GOP immigrant canidate sent letters to other immigrants telling them they can't vote. But, its the South, and as one person said a few years ago, you could run an gorrila on the ballot, and he would win by virtue of being a Republican.


Thanks for posting this. I haven't seen the ad, but since I'm in Chattanooga (Corker's hometown) I've seen all of the others. And I'm pretty sick of them.

This has been one of the worst election seasons I've experienced. The mud slinging is outrageous.

Although Ford is not my cup of tea, I have heard plenty of white females commenting on his good looks. And a few males as well. One ad even refers to how good he looks on TV.

I'll be voting for Ford, even though he's too much of a Republicrat for my tastes. The ad sucks, but there's nothing surprising about race baiting in the deep south.


Politics is a dirty game. Each side going after the other. I guess the RNC wanted to bring out that Harold Ford's claim of being a sweaky clean church boy isn't all that true. CNN showed clips last night in a special about the Democratic party Ford's television spot with him in a church talking about how important his faith and morals is to him.

Politicians on both sides are never fair during an election. I don't see the ad as racist, it's just politicians being nasty and silly as we get down to the elections.


It's also interesting to note that the only "person of color" is commenting on his appearance and not his political stance. This commercial is wrong on so many levels.

Chandra Canales

of course the backwoods rednecks would elect another fukking racist scumbag to be senator.

the girl has to do with harold ford going to playboy parties (which he actually did
but the goddamm repugs acted like they didnt have their own issues? and what is the point anyhow?

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