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09 October 2006


Joe Jons

OMG. I also saw him over the weekend. The first thing I thought was, okay, I know Rod must either know him or know of him. He's gorgeous.

Ken Harper

I used to live in Oakland and watched him many a night. Totally gorgeous.


I live in San Francisco and have always thought he was FINE...he is very cool and laidback, and has a very deep, sexy voice (reminds me of Don Cornelius from SOUL TRAIN!). He is straight and married, guys.

Ken Harper

Yea, we know he's straight and married, no one said he wasn't or implied otherwise. Just admiring.


wow. wow. wow. congrats to him. and yay for the eye candy.


Mike Woods is F ing hot!!!!

But this new CNN dude is ok too.


wow. he's gorgeous. CNN must be on a cute black man hiring spree. has anyone seen the new dude, Don Lemon, who co-hosts on weekdays in the afternoon??



WOW I may just have to go back to corporate media for my news from time to time.


My best friend and I saw him on his first day on the job and it was love at first sight. Those lips. Those eyes. yummy.


Don Lemon moved to CNN from Chicago. We miss him but glad he's on the air again...definitely the hotness! He was very supportive of the gay community here and rode in this year's pride parade with his fellow Channel 5 news team. I even have a snap shot of him shooting a water cannon right at me. The picture is very phal...oh never mind.


He aight...a lil bland, but cute enough


Friggin gorgeous. Thanks for spoiling the fantasy by including his sexual and marital status - I didn't have to know. He's got suck a quarky look...could you imagine when he wakes up in the morning - pure beauty, those lips, beady eyes, and asymmetrical ears. God help us!


I bet he gets paid more than Mike Woods :-P

Queer Beacon

Gorgeous. I'll check him out!


OK, look out Tyson Beckford- Rob has a new obsession. Rob- are the stalking laws really tough up in NYC?


CNN is the news channel to watch...Rob Marciano, Jason Carroll, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and now TJ...who could ask for anything more??


You guys are nuts but - you are oh so right - gorgeous!!!!


T.J certainly perks up my mornings. I've noticed that T.J has not been wearing his wedding ring. Could he be back on the market?


I watch CNN every morning with John Roberts and all the different ladies and I just love the morning show, but I must say I just love the weekend with T.J. Holmes and I love the way he does the news and his sexy voice. I notice too that he does not have a wedding ring on and is he married? I really think he's great and CNN made a good choice and if he can send me an e-mail himself that will be great. I must say I also loves Don Lemon too and I think they are both very smart.

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