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23 October 2006


Erich H

Thanks for keeping us updated on the Episcopal Church. Did not know that black gays had such an impact there.

Franklyn Smith

Welcome back! Love the religion news, keep it coming. Too many of us focus on homophobic pastors, I love another black gay Christian perspective.

C. Baptiste-Williams

Thanks for giving me a new book to read...

Daniel Draheugne

I find it very hard to believe that the church(any church) can be a participative intrument of condemnation on what ever basis,i.e. the Bible.
The Bible is a mirror for all of us, individualy and in groups, to look into our own soul and mind and correct what ever needs to be reformed in regard to the Holy Book.
The Bible does not give any of us, individuals or groups of any kinds, the right to judge anyone for what ever reason. We are all sinners and I think that it is of the utmost importance that WE as individuals, spend the time to review our own personal faults and get busy to make our world a better one with our fellow men, with the help of God, and not in his name.
Pointing the finger at others is a very selfish attitude. Opening our arms and trying to understand others is what God would want us to do as it is a positive attitude in the line of progress. Let us use the Bible as a guiding light and not as a division instrument. Do not impose but convince that the Bible is the guiding light by following its teaching in the first place. No one can be interested in following someone who does not follow ALL of the teachings of the Bible, and has the insolence to impose them unto others, blindly and without respect.
Let us clean ourselves from the inside in the most thorough manner before any of us can tell others how wrong they are. We cannot be judges of ourselves and neither can we of others.
Let us pratice in front of our mirrors and spark interest from others once it is done.
We are ALL sinners, we cannot and should not forget it. We all are in the world of God to share it, and we all belong to him, regardless. We need to be humble and loving of others, less we want to be treated otherwise ourselves.

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