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28 October 2006



Awwww, somebody has a crush on that newscaster. I don't blame you one bit! ;)

Alan T

Okay, I missed him again! Do I need to set an alarm? Geez, that man is beautiful.

Andres Duque


You need to get out of the house more often. Hehe. Just joking - Very cute man indeed.

Lite, Brite, Damn Near White

He is a cutie. Lite skin brothers have definitely come back! LOL. Thanks for sharing.

Andy in Seattle

To quote Leguizamo's MAMBO MOUTH, "Scuse me while I say Wooooooooow"


The best part of waking up isn't Folgers anymore. I want a big cup of TJ.


um... woah. beautiful indeed.


I've seen T.J locally and was quite impressed. The fact that I paid more attention to his ring finger than his reporting skills says it all. I feel you Rod, TJ is gourgeous.


I have had the pleasure of working with TJ, and let me tell you, he is just as yummy in person. He is also sweet and funny. He is the all around package. I can't wait to see him on CNN. I am so happy for his success. His wife is great, too. Sorry!


I've noticed over the past month or so that T.J. isn't wearing his wedding ring. What's up with that? is it out being resized?

Sanasa, ATL

T.J. Happy 30th Birthday and I must say you are one NICE LOOKING news anchor. As long as your on CNN I'll be watching!

Gary Burgess

I just watched TJ's interview of the Sheriff investigating the disappearance of the 8 1/2 month pregnant female Marine. I have noticed that CNN latley has been "pushing" the individuals they interview to make statements so that I can only guess would allow CNN to scoop their competitors. The Sheriff had to get on TJ because he kepp pushing. I understand that it is your job to get the facts, but why would anyone agree to do an interview with you when you are trying to get them to make statements as to whether an individual is "the" suspect when the Sheriff can not commit to a statement like that. I have noticed several CNN reporters doing this lately and "pushing the envelope" tends to turn viewers off. JUST REPORT THE FACTS, DON'T TRY TO TAKE A CASE TO THE NEXT STEP WHEN THE INVESTIGATORS ARE NOT READY TO TAKE THAT STEP!!!


I LOVE YOU TJ! I am watching you right now and you are soooo fiiiiiizzziiiiine!!! DIOS MIO!!!! UUUh it sucks your married! Uuuuuh!!!

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