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12 October 2006


Franklyn Smith

And what a good morning it is. Why do I always miss him on CNN?


What a man, what a man. I'm watching CNN all the time now, trying to get a glimpse.

Samuel I

I remember him from the Bay Area, very much the golden boy. is ne going to replace Tony Harris or is he just the #2?


LOL....Yall are lovin' this Boy!!! I have yet to see him on CNN but its funny when I read the comments. This man is giving somebody LIFE!!


l'uomo afrique es tres magnifico!


I wanna have his babies

Ashley Zeno

I happen to wake up this morning was surfing channels and seen the absolutely beautiful man with this brilliant smile on cnn, i never watch cnn, but i found myself hanging on his every word.

I must admit, i have never been one to get stuck on a tv personality. but his confidence, and his naturalness that he presents on what i would see as a very professional news station, makes it easy to watch.

sometimes news is just to conservative and seem boring. but he brings a comfort to cnn as oprah does to her show, its not just because he is handsome. although thats what made me stop to take notice but when i actually seen him speak i wanted to hear what else he had to say.


Your New Friend Ashley Zeno


yes, he is definitely gorgeous! i contacted cnn and told them so. i watch cnn weekends all the time now :)




I started to notice during the reporting on the cyclone in Myanmar, Asia on CNN! what I did was, I was watching T.J. reporting, but I 'wasn't really watching'. He was filling in for somebody else during the week on CNN and one day I just did a 'double-take'! I said " oooo-oo-ooooooh, what is going on with CNN?!" I didnt even catch his name for a good two weeks but I was like, he is sooooh cyyuuute! Those big doe eyse of his under those thick brows and his perfectly straight, white teeth behind those plush lips; I have never seen a black man so pleasantly good-looking and so dowm-to-earth in all my years...so smooth, so cool, and soooh super sexy!!! He sure has me hunting him down on CNN every chance I get! You go boy...

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