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06 November 2006



PLEASE! PLEASE! flavalife is not a black gay magazine. it is owned by a modern day white black-slave owner. i'm sure everyone knows this by now. so why are you advertising for him, for free! GEES!


Umm...the story said the magazines that "target black gay audiences." Noah's Arc is owned by Logo which is part of Viacom-MTV, right? Same difference.

Ed Rawley

That was an odd comment, I thought the issue was about the editor's saying the black gay audience cn support more than on eaudience. I agree, but as the years go on it will be a survival of the fittest. The maagzines will have to be written much better and appeal to upstream markets.

Clik, Ballroom....they're all so-so products. Rod, why did you stop writing for Clik? You were the best thing to happen to that magazine, it seemed like you were the only professional writer. The writers are soooooo bad.


i for one get a chuckle out of the discord about the arrival of black gay related magazines! as one who lives in an area where you can't find anything black and gay related, it would be a treat, no matter who owns and publishes them! just for the nero book, looking forward to that!


I'm with Jared. There isn't much in my area to choose from so I subscribed to two magazines. In the interview with the Ballroom editor, he says there is a learning curve with talent. But it is worth noting that Ballroom and Clik have chosen to use this new "raw" talent as opposed to writers.

But hey ... I'm happy to have both magazines arrive in my mailbox!


Clarence Nero's book was very good, great reading, loved all three main characters. Bravo!


[edited by administrator]


Question: Why are you focusing on the inclusion of Flavalife in that list?

The bigger story is that there are many magazines that now target black gay men. Flavalife happens to be one of them. But the small news mention was about the interview with the Ballroom Rockstar editor.

For the record, no one asked those boys to star in porn movies. They can always get a job at Starbucks. From your argument, at least they'd make more money, have benefits and self respect.


touche Derrick. i get your last point completely. [edited by administrator]

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