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27 November 2006



brotha is rocking that part in his hair!


Oh, TJ is rockin' everything. Thanks Rod ... since TJ has his own category maybe we'll be seeing more of him.


I think someone is in "luh" with Mr. Holmes!


Ok what is going on, he is okay looking; i mean i am always excited when black people get in higher positions of authority but he is no tyson beckford or boris kodjoe; get over it!


John, you sound like a hater becaue Rod has posted sooooo many pictures of Tyson and Boris. Get over it.


TJ's just another pretty talking head - nothing more, nothing less. And the part looks more like a bald spot.


Someone is definitely in "luh". Yeah he's hot. I was watching CNN too and I thought...DANG!


Someone dial 9-11, stat. John and Richard are having a fit and they may not survive without immediate emergency medical attention. TJ is the hottest thing on cable/network news. He's the only remaining reason to switch on CNN. And I switch him on every chance I get. Now, if only I could get him to....welll, you know.


His lips. That voice. Those incredible eyes. Just one photo please with his shirt off. One more with his trousers down. One more next to me. Then it's lights out, baby.


God doesn't let TJ come on the screen when I'm in the gym because He doesn't want me to fall off the treadmill.

Lawdhamercygeezus he fine!


lawd, dem lips. would love to see him cool a bowl of soup.


I simply adore TJ & I love the screenshots you post of him. I currently go to his Alma Mater (The University of Arkansas) and the journalism professor told me that Luscious, i mean TJ, is indeed married. But, I, too have noticed the wedding ring is off...maybe CNN decided to capitalize on his good looks. He has singlehandedly gotten me back to watching CNN again.


Imagine my surprise this weekend, when after hearing a familiar voice in the background as i was doing some reading, I finally made a connection and thought, that voice sounds like I know it...like that weekend news guy from KTHV in Little Rock. I look up to see TJ Holmes on CNN. I said..yep, that's him!

I live in Miami now so I was pleased to know I could catch TJ here on national news and I was also proud that an Arkansas homie had made the big time. Way to go TJ! It's nice to know that others enjoy him as much as I do.



Although I still have problems watching CNN due to their water carrying for the Chimp administration, I find myself peeping in just to see Mr. Holmes. Fine looking gentleman and does a great job reading the news to boot...


CNN is a horrible channel and has degenerated over the years (I watched it with my parents as a kid).. I didn't really watch it but after seeing TJ, I think I may tune in during the mornings just for him. He has presence and it's really hard to take my eyes off him, he's not only attractive but exudes personality too. I'm loving this guy!

John Doe

He's is definitely the future player in the game and I will be there with him.


I very recently started watching the cable news channels more regularly and thank god I have. And thank god for TJ! Hot man!

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