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06 December 2006



noooooooooooooooooooo! Daybreak was actually pretty good. So are we stuck not knowing what happened to him?


another potentially good show bites the dust...

i guess if it isn't a hit out the box, then folk won't watch.

plus, we are in the age of short attention spans..Daybreak was turning out to be a very serialized and COMPLICATED show..folk aren't trying to see that. Shows like SMITH, The Nine--new serialized shows never got a chance because of their complicated and engaging plots.

it sucks, cause taye diggs was really good on the show

Mark Norris

Maybe if Mr. Diggs was a little nicer to his fans he would probably have more viewers. He was down here, in Long Beach, shooting for some show (might have been daybreak) and me and two other ladies went over to him and asked for autograph and a pic., only because he wasn't doing anything at the time and no one was talking to him anyway. He just snapped at us and said "no, no, go on get outta here".

I understand about havin a bad day, but damn even in my bad days I am polite.


C. Baptiste-Williams

the show failed because the premise was unappealing and boring... who would want to see a show about the same day over and over... especially when Deja Vu just came out in the theaters and especially after that movie Groundhog's Day.


serialized and complicated shows do better on HBO and Showtime, not network television


The show was poorly conceived, poorly casted (although Victoria Pratt was an interesting choice that worked). I'm not surprised that it didn't work. Writing was AWFUL!


Based solely on the promos and without ever having seen a single episode (of the three) I told a friend this show was gonna be shortlived. He has a history of ill-conceived tv series.


Ahhhhhhhh!!! I can't believe they are canceling his show. Now my Wednesday night is ruined :-( The show was just getting interesting. I agree if he shows more of his legs the show might live on till next year lol..


I could see this from a mile away. I loved Kevin Hill, but apparently my husband and I were the only ones that liked that show too.

I think they are having a hard time marketing Diggs to a predominantly white audience. Even though he's is attractive, a dark skinned guy like him is not going to get the kind of attention like Shemar Moore from the white audience. Seriously, how often do you have darker men (and even more so women), who are given a chance to cross over and play leading roles. The only time it seems to happen is when they have nonsexual roles or the audience is predominantly black (Morris Chesnut has built a career out of predominantly black audience movies).

Not to mention, Diggs is by no means a tough guy. I couldn't grasp the idea of him being an action hero.

Plus, the marketing was horrible. I like him and I didn't even want to watch the show.

That's my two cents...

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