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12 January 2007



I loved this novel. Went to Amazon as soon as I read your review. Ther characters are real and vulnerable, especially James.

Greg G

It is a strong book. Well written and descriptive, not flowery. It's also not necessarily written for women, as some of our gay black authors tend to focus on them. I know they buy more books, but the stories are often lacking substantial gay content.

Not so with Mr. Nero.


I need to get this book. And I'm in Atlanta, too! See ya tomorrow, Mr. Author!


I'm excited about the book...I am, but I think the cover is cliche and in poor taste. If the material is substantial - shouldn't the cover reflect that?


Malo, I disagree. It's love story about a man caight between a man and a woman and the cover reflects that. It's no more risque than your average white gay novel (maybe no woman) or most black contemporary fiction.


Tru...the cover is typical, nonetheless cliche and trite. I guess when I publish a novel I can "be the change." I'm workin on it.

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