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03 January 2007



Ok, let's all say it together, "Goode is one stupid ass cracker!"


Most of them (poltcians) are "stupid ass crackas" but they still seem to get elected to an office despite this shortcoming.

Jimmy David

LOL. The headlines here are sometimes just too funny.

And how delicious is that irony? Goode represents the birthplace of Thomas Jefferson ... and is a blatant bigot.


Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine were both deists who were skeptical of all revealed religions...shame our founding fathers were more intelligent about such things than our current representatives


Maybe it's time to give up all those religious references and to become equal citizens before the human laws.


Virgil Goode- stone cold waste of white....

The Captain

He needs to swear on the BIBLE...the muslim "holy" book did NOT build this country on their principles.

C. Baptiste-Williams

I guess religous freedom's didn't carry over to taking oaths for a government that is supposed to be seperate from religion.


Captain, you need to brush up on your history

"The Treaty with Tripoli, was approved unanimously by the Senate in 1797, under the administration of John Adams. Article 11 of the treaty states, "[T]he
government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…."

This country was not founded on the principles of the Bible

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