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20 January 2007


Henry TW

OMG. That movie was dripping with testosterone, so hot and so gay!

Jimmy David

It's hard for me to watch Brian White in any movie and not think of him as gay.


It did quite well opening weekend, $22 million

Laz Alonzo will be appearing in a feature that I co-produced over the summer called Divine Intervention. Rod, I will be hitting you up to buy some advertising when we are ready for release.

D Frederick Sparks.


Darrin Henson remains one of my favorites ever since he was Lem in Soul Food. SO Fine! Isn't he openly gay?


I think Darrin Henson is married. I know, that means NOTHING. But if he were openly gay we would certainly know about it. I'm digging Columbus Short!

Playboy Adonis

I don't know if I'll go see it or not. Its hard for me to watch anything that long that has that many fine men, and not see any action between at least 2 of them. Did they at least have one gay couple? Hmmm, I guess the movie is your typical fictitious story-line.


LOL! I just caught the movie yesterday and thought "I wonder what the Rod 2.0 crowd will think of this?" Just so much phoineness everywhere!


I guess the swimming movie with Terrence Howard will be the next homoerotic opus we can look forward to!


STOMP THE YARD is SO the gayest movie out.

Look at the trailer most of the male cast members barely clothed or damn near close to it..

it's SCREAMING HOW.YOU.DOIN? all OVER the place...

and im going to buy a damn ticket and see it at the Magic Johnson theaters in Harlem soon! lol!

and Brian White is MINE. NONE.OF.YOU.CAN.HAVE.HIM! I want ALL of that ass (LAWD that boy has ass for days! :))

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