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12 January 2007



Thanks for showcasing different looks on this site, Rod. Sometimes too many of us get caught up in one "type" or "another."

And yes, he is flawlesss and wiser words have never been spoken!


Someone get me his number!


He really is hot. I like those lil shorts, too. :-)


The most beautiful thing about gay men of African descent is our diverse beauty regardless of parentage. The gay male African Diaspora is made of up of "brothers" who are Purto Rican, Cuban, English, French and so on and our blood comes in various combinations. All gay men of color, specifically here, all men of African descent are handsome in whatever combination of blood and "ethnic" heritage irregardless of shade of skin etc.


Intelligent too?!...the things I'd do to this lil one


Y’all need to come out here, then. Men who look like Mr. San Juan (and of every conceivable ethnic combination) are thick on the ground here. No one here would even notice him, particularly.

(It is unfortunate, though, that you wouldn’t find many men here who think like him.)

—Jim, on O‘ahu


Sure, Jim, that's because you're in Hawaii, where that ethnic background or "look" is par for the course. It's also very common for LA or in NYC.

John looks wonderful and sounds even better. Congratulations to him.


He's a babe with brains. What more could one ask for?

Playboy Adonis

It is about time. Men with mixed backgrounds deserve recognition too. The sad part is that we side with our "blackness" but black people are quick to say that we do not fit in.


Hi all, it's John San Juan. I never heard of this site until Nathan Seven Scott forwarded to me. Thus, you can imagine my shock and surprise. I simply wanted to say thanks for all the love. It means a great deal. All the best in the '007. Peace Profound, JSJ


That is one sexy boy!! I love those pictures.

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