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27 February 2007



Not sure why Drudge is being bashed for this. it comes from a local ABC News affiliate. Here's the link to it:


Rod McCullom

Matt Drudge is a semi-closeted, right wing hack, so, this site is going to "bash" him when he carries water for the people trying to "bash" gays, minorities and the poor.

The report was originated by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, which describes itself as a "free market think tank." Some of its research denies global warming science. It also strongly advocates against raising the minimum wage for Tennessee's working poor.

Bernard Tarver

When the documentary won the Oscar Sunday night, I IMed to a friend at the time, that the right wingnuts would immediately start sharpening their knives trying to downplay the win and attack Gore. Who knew it would take them so long.

Nazis are so damn predictable.


This tactic is used to obfuscate a very important point, that being the carbon footprint each household produces.
Purchasing offsets help to REDUCE the size of that footprint.
This is wrong,because...?

Andy in Seattle

Al Gore could sneeze and the Wingnuts would complain he was exhaling too much CO2. And yes, Rod, after years of denial, they're suddenly worried about one former VP's carbon footprint? I'd love to know what Drudge's is--after all, how much does B.S. count for?

tyler grey

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a "left-wing liberal"? He just proposed the western states get together and reduice carbon emissions.

By the way ... it's not "cool" to kill anyone. Wars should be fought because they "have to" ... not because it's cool or hot. Idiot.


If it was cool -- as in popular -- then Hollywood would be behind it. Hollywood goes with the flow always. They are suck-ups. Which was my point.

I said "left-wing Hollywood liberal" -- the kind you saw at the Oscars. I didn't see the Governor there. It's not his crowd.

greg g

If you're concerned about the environment, then it shouldn't matter who are why people are on board. You should be happy the cause is getting exposure, and, by the by, the green movement started wayyyyy back in the early 70s. Pre-Holywood, but Al Gore was still involved.

There are Republicans and Democrats who are eco- and green-friendly. Rod is obviously pro-environment and his politics are hardly "left-wing liberal" or netroots progressive mold. And being pro-environment isn't exactly at the top of the black gay agenda.

Bad Joe Joe

Let's see, carbon offset's. I thought that was guilt money (tax write off?) you payed to a third party, who plant a tree,or whatever,so Gore can keep his opulent life style. Sweet deal

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