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24 February 2007


Tony R

Nick Cannon? Married? Oh Rod, I know you're depressed right now, lol.

Andy in Seattle

Yes, well Rock Hudson got married. Cary Grant got married--five times. Tom Cruise got married--three times. The Cannon is young. Hope springs eternal...


Hey Rod. This may be off-topic in this post, but I wanted to tell how much I love the week in review you put up every Saturday. I try to read Rod 2.0 daily, but on Thursdays, I always find myself purposefully skipping until Saturday just so I can see the picture and the weekly "Review 2.0."

You probably don't hear it enough, but thank you. This is a wonderful site, it's so hip and now, I love it. As a black gay man, I'm proud, I can show this site to my friends and family.

Derrick in LA

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