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26 February 2007


Andy in Seattle

Aw just Shawne and the dawgs. Cute, GQ. Put him in a suit, I bet he cleans up real nice.


Oh my.

C. Baptiste-Williams

the things i would do...


UGH!!!! He looks like a monkey!


He does not look like a monkey. I hate to hear black people say that. It's just stupid. He's a beautiful man.

tyler grey

The man is fine, let's not even get sidetracked on those dizzy comments.

I love this site, there is something for everyone, from politics to men. And we black people are beautiful in all colors and complexions.


enticing. simply beautiful


This boy is SICKNIIING!!! I like em tall 2, dayyum!


Did you notice that in the first pic they used for the article, they shot him so he looked darker and quite menacing. Then, in the next pic, you realise the boy is almost "high yella", but this time, he's posing with pit bulls. Umm...does anyone think this was accidental? Fear of a Black Planet....

Rod McCullom

Yea, I wouldn't read too much into the photos. What you're probably seeing a less-than-optimal scan. Sometimes it's difficult to scan a black and photo on a white background, the result is more black and pink.

If anyone has any suggestions, please share. Otherwise, Mr. Merriman looks mighty good to me.


he did steroids? and got suspended? and barry bonds is still playing baseball? baseball is the most corrupted of all major sports.

James N

Mighty good?...He looks INCREDIBLE...yeeha


That man is beautiful and the only reason I even looked at the Chargers last season. He happens to be one hell of a linebacker as well.

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