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03 March 2007


rob a

I just the e-vite for the book club discussion. I'll be there!


Rod, thanks much for introducing us to the Rev Kev. I read about him here and saw his powerful article on the black church in the magazine. And to think that I have been seeing his work all these years on television!

I just ordered his book aftyer reading about it at Keith Boykin. Can't wait until it arrives!

Jimmy David

OKAY. Now I feel left out. I haven't heard of this book but you weren't wrong about "THREE SIDES" or "DEEPER BLUE" so you can bet I will order this, if not only to support a SGL ACTIVIST and AUTHOR.


The Rev Kev has a beautiful spirit and uplifting soul. I've heard him preach once or twice and he helped me through a very difficult time. Also his book "Uncluttered" was my rock during that time, I went through a break-up and a "downsizing" at my job.

But now I am better and whole. Bless him. I'll buy this novel as soon as I can.


I truly love this man and remember him from TEEN SUMMIT way back in the 90s. I am so glad that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves.


Rev Kev is gay? Which denomination?

We need more black and openly gay clergeymen, as opposed to those Donnie McClurkin and DL Foster hypocrites.


Thanks for the great comments.

I pastor UNITY FELLOWSHIP CHURCH NEW BRUNSWICK (www.UFCNB.org); I am proud to be on this site and to know Rod McCullom! Great guy!

greg g

This book sounds like exactly what I need, thank you. I need a little uplifting of spirit right now.

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