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09 March 2007



Even though I have never voted for this man, this idiot sadly is my representation in Congress.

(Blame the demographics.)

On behalf of everyone in his district, we apologize.

There are some smart people in his district, they just tend not to stay around.


The Nero playing the fiddle approach helps no one.

Personally, I think the solution is out there and we are on the right track if people can look beyond the right now.

Rod McCullom

The previous comment was deleted because that person is, simply put, argumentative and trollish. Disagreement is fine, but personal attacks are unnecessary. If you dislike this site so much, stop visiting and leaving bitchy comments overnight.

There is no "right" to comment here or at any other blog. Especially by anonymous, wanna-be cyber thugs. Get your own blog.


LOL @ global warming troll.

I really don't see why any conservative, anti-environmentalist type would come here. They know your politics. And, you have a blog, write articles, columns and tv ... they expect you to debate them from their anonymous keyboard?

I think they come from the pictures and get upset that you're black and gay and can think and write. They just want to see picture sof hot black men.


Sensenbrenner was on 'Lou Dobbs' tonight, talking about his other pet peeve, immigration.


Is the "global warming troll" that guy who invents arguments and attacks Rod in every global warming and political post? One word. HATER.

Samuel I

I've seen several instances of that in global warming and political posts. Even in casual posts, there was one about Thierry Henry or soccer or something, a few people get hateful out of nowhere. It's very sad because the hostility seems...displaced.

It's obvious when someone is "trolling" and trying to start some bs. I might not agree with everything that Rod says, but he's very consistent and very well-respected and (apparently) tries to create a welcome space. When it's that much hateration, go ahead, delete and ban them. Your name and face and here. They are anonymous and hiding in the dark. Hence, "troll."

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