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13 March 2007



I predict this movie will do record box office its opening weekend. Women will run to see it. Gay men will turn out in numbers. Who cares what it's about or whether the acting is any good.


I haven't seen this new popster, but I'm not surprised.


Yo... the funniest thing about the Terrance Howard ad with him bent over grabbing his ankles is that the caption up top reads:

"Reach for it, with everything you've got"


Crown Jewelz

I saw the preview screening earlier this week, and it's a MUST see. The scenery looks very authentic, the acting is on point, and the storyline really touches your heart.

I saw it with one of my friends, and throughout the whole movie we had to remind ourselves that the guys in this movie are teens or barely out of their teens. And Terrance Howard isn't looking bad at all in this movie.

Whether you're gay or straight, a guy or girl, young or old... you should definitely see this movie. I WILL be getting it when it comes out on dvd.

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