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18 April 2007


Derrick from Philly

Yeah, right. These "prominent" gays may experience what "prominent" blacks sometimes do during the Democratic Primaries: the common folk vote for somebody else. And what about MY prominent gays: Harmonica, Lady Bunny, and RuPaul?--aint nobody asked them mothin'!
I just can't get into to Missy Hillary. 'Course brown sugah' Barack doesn't seem interested. I'm leaning towards Edwards, waiting for Gore. Hell, I'm a prominent Homo too...in my own mind.

Glad you're feeling better, Rod, and great to have you back.


So what? What has she actually done for gay folks? Her husband sure didn't do much...remember "Don't Ask, Don't Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act? Hills been in the Senate now for a few years, where is the repeal of Defense of Marriage? Where is any other pro-gay legislation. Sure, it may not be passes, but is she's such a big supporter, then why hasn't she at least proposed some stuff? This is all just more pandering, and seems like we fall for it every time. Fools.

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