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21 April 2007



first, welcome back...im glad to see you posting again. secondly, i keep hearing this story all over LA...it is a shame that he has/will be fired over this incident but if Imus gets fired, then Washington has to go too.


Isaiah Washington is just the sort of thoughtful, intelligent and principled "man's man" that the gay rights community needs to hear out and attempt to reach common ground with if we want to achieve lasting equality. He is no Don Imus, he is not a comedian or shock jock. From reading his website http://www.isaiahwashington.com , he seems to be the type of person who is motivated by moral concerns. He is probably one of many who believe that heterosexual marriage and "traditional family" is a moral issue, not a civil rights issue. Engaging someone like him in dialogue, asking him questions about his beliefs and truly listening to his point of view would probably be very productive and helpful in figuring out why so much of the larger population fails to see gay/lesbian/transgender rights as a civil rights issue. Blacklisting him, on the other hand, is not going to achieve anything except inspire more of a backlash.

edwin greene


How is calling a co-worker a faggot being thoughtful, intelligent and a "man's man". If Don Imus lost his job after his "nappy head hos" remark, why should IW get to keep his? Does he get a pass for bigotry because he's black? That's patronizing - if he's so much of a "man" he should be able to take his punishment like a man. During the black civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s, there were always those people (not always white) who felt that a particular step "forward" by blacks would lead to a "backlash" from whites but so what. Maybe there will be a backlash for a time, but that's the price of progress. The public shaming of bigots is a way of teaching the "majority" that public expressions of bigotry are unacceptable. There are few other ways to teach that lesson. It also gives the offended group a reason to hold their heads up.

taylor Siluwé

Maybe I suffer from double standard syndrome, but I dont' want him fired. Sorry. I actually like the man. And he has played gay in the past, extremely well I might add. In light of that, and the fact that I can't stand to see to black man cruxified for one idiotic mistake.

He's no Hardaway.

But I do like that he's felt the fire. Now it's up to him to assuage our community in some way. And of course, to never ever even think the 'F' bomb again, or he's toast.



He's not thoughtful *because* he called the other actor a "faggot." He seems thoughtful in general as a person, though. Homosexuality is one area that he needs some education about, and that he seems to have some problems with, but that does not negate his progressive, socially engaged attitudes in other areas. If, as Taylor Siluwé said, he made "an idiotic mistake," then that mistake ought to be made clear to him. If the mistake was to have a wrong view of homosexuality, i.e. thinking it is something to be ashamed of, then a dialogue is what is needed, to get him and others with the same views to express themselves and perhaps, for us to challenge our own views about what motivates homophobic outbursts. But that kind of dialogue is not compatible with shutting someone up or punishing them. If the mistake was merely using the word "faggot," then I suppose getting him to stop using the word is the solution - but making someone stop using a word does not get them to change their way of thinking.

taylor Siluwé

Beautifully said, Mark ...


Yet another example of picking and choosing who to get "fired" for saying something. They didn't come down on Rosie O'Mouth with her slur against Asians, who also saw nothing wrong with the Imus slur but, they again, she donates money to them, so, she gets a pass. The gay "rights" groups have been after him since the vile slur, and to be honest, since I had never heard of him or this show, I didn't see way it was such a big story to begin with. he made a mistake, and should have known that if you diss someone out in Hollyweird, especially a gay person, your career is over. That said, just like Imus, who I don't think should have been fired either, sometimes people learn from their mistakes, but, with the gay "rights" groups, they don't see it this way, and really need to look inwards at their own racism and bigotry towards people of color, including the gay ones, since the majority of them utter the same slur Imus made and feel the same way about black men and women. They are hardly so saintly that they can tell somone else what to say or think IMO.

Telling people what they can say or feel isn't going to change what's in their hearts, try educationg them, not forcing them to think your way.

C. Baptiste-Williams

i love isiah's acting from love jones to greys anatomy. while i dont agree with his statements ill be disappointed to see his character leave the show.


Okay that shit is all in the past. He apologized, and said he would star in some commercial against homophobia. Get off his back, jeeze. Anyway, Tyrone, I disagree that gay rights groups are "racist", I have seen nothing of that from them, that's a baseless accusation.


I like IW as an actor and as person, even if he made a clear mistake. He isn't Don Imus, who has a story of racist commments. He is the best actor in the show and his storyline is the most compelling. If he leaves the show, I would have problems watching it


I have to agree with Ava too bad if Washington is now off the show as noted yesterday I believe on E? I am no longer watching Greys Anatomy. I am a retired white R.N. Isaiah was the best actor not just a cutie pie. He tried to make amends for his comment and yet this was not enough for ABC who has promoted homosexuals for a long time and also big part of Disney etc. So it did not matter that he went out and apologized over and over he was going to be through on the show? Amazing about free speech in this country , it is not free per those in charge who pick what only they feel is not acceptible. Isaiah Washington will be back better than ever?

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