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18 April 2007



with the public pressure, many sponsors pulled their ads from him show. without ads, there is no money. without money, there is no show.

if cbs thought his words were so terrible, they would have fired him instantly. instead, they were content to suspend him for 2 weeks.

when the advertisers pulled out, they had few options but to cancel the show


That's why he is not President, too wishy washy. And, while I do agree that he didn't need to get canned, its all about those coins, and once those coins stopped rolling in, he was an albatross to CBS and MSNBC.This demanding that someone be fired because you don't agree with him/her is silly, the public humiliation they get, and the begging for forgiveness is good enough for me, and totally funny at the same time.

All that said, this whole issue of racism, sexism and homophobia is as American as apple pie, always will be. And, lets not forget hypocrisy, keep some for off the cuff remarks, fire others immediately for the same thing, just as peculiar. And, its also odd how if its a man of color, he is always wrong, no matter the comments.

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