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30 May 2007


Andy in Seattle

Fingers, toes, legs, and eyes crossed...


I've never been attracted to him so it doesn't matter, NOW if it were The Rock.....OMG I'd be waiting at his house.

C. Baptiste-Williams


aaron jason silver

Damaging effects of the closet.
I believe that it is especially important today to discuss the damaging effects that the closet has had and continues to have on gay people. Given the current political climate of a presidential election approaching it is time to put “the closet” in some sort of context. It is also time for all of the candidates to step up to the plate and say how they really feel in spite of what the fear the ramifications may be. Gay rights are a civil rights issue that the candidates need to take a stand on without double speaking to protect their political asses.


i'll bet $20 on vin coming out..and being my HUSBAND! lol!

but i agree with aaron...the closet has been damaging for a lot of people who just aren't ready or comfortable with being who they are or being able to just BE...

Derrick from Philly

I used to have a crush on Vin, but now I'm back to Latinos. This fall I'll be back to dark chocolate and the delicious Reggie Bush.

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