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09 May 2007



Now, this is a hoot, GLAAD trying to tell black folks how to deal with homophobia and notice the black glbt community? They need to try and do this within the gay community first. Give me a black, straight homophobe over a white gay racist any day of the week, and Lord knows there are more than a few within the gay community. They are not going to get anywhere with black people who have issues, since most will view them as a bunch of rich, privileged white guys riding the coattails of the civil rights movement, as does this black gay man, thy have no moral ground on any issue IMO, and should stay within their own community and deal with their issues, not one of which is of any importance to me as a black, gay man.

And, maybe they need to read some of the other gay sites and see that the majorty of gay men, well, most of the white ones were spewing some of the most vile, racist remarks about the nasty IW rant, so, GLAAD? A joke.

Franklyn Smith

Luther, I'm sorry but I disagree. Too many of us have criticized GLAAD for not including black gay men or lesbians or ignoring black communities or people. Now, they enlist Isaiah Washington to tape a commercial or run ads in black newspapers and some oif us wantto complain.

Anyone fighting against homophobia or bigotry should be welcome, especially in our communities. Sorry, but I don't see any mainstream black civil rights groups or black LGBT groups running any ads in black newspapers to create awareness.

Matthew Florence

I agree with you, Franklin. We need to support whatever efforts can be made to reduce homphobia in the black community. Many studies have shown that homophobia within our communities is one of the prime reason that black gay men have the highest incidence of HIV infection of any sub-population. If for nothing else, we need to support these efforts only because they are efforts that could support our brothers who are still growing up and not yet HIV postivie.


I approve of this. Keep up the great work Isaiah.

Derrick from Philly

Any effort to cut down on ignorance and violence against "noticeably" gay and transgenedered people is worthwhile. I'm sure GLAAD will hire black people to do the campaign aimed at the black community. White gays should be criticized (and chastized) when they deserve it, but not all the time.

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