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23 May 2007



Interesting young man, I've never heard of him before now, I have often wondered, just who starts these rumors and attempts at outing? Coming out is a very personal thing, and unless he has made some sort of derogatory comments about gays, leave him with the weird name alone I say, unless that tape can better identify him than the R Kelly one, LOL!

And, props to him for not falling into that foolish, thuggish caricature to sell a record.


The Ne-Yo gay rumors weree very big last fall. Immediately afterwards, s staged sex tape was leaked to the media.

maybe he is gay, maybe he is straight. But the fact remains, it has been going on for so long that he staged that sex tape.


"Was about to be accused of being gay."

Accused? Sounds like a crime.


"Ne-Yo—who was briefly married and has a one-year-old son—was about to be accused of being gay."


Okay, having been married and having a one-year-old son doesn't mean that you aren't gay (or you are gay, for that matter). I know someone who is in this situation, the second part of the above scenario (and is gay, but doesn't admit it). In any event, Ne-Yo's an outstanding singer.


I know with all my heart that your not gay they just say stuff like that cause you`re making it and they aren`t and all they can do is sit around and hate cause their not makin the money you are, but I love and you keep shineing and taking care of yours.


Ne-Yo makes it pretty clear he doesn't care about this kind of stuff.. so u guys.. needa chill. make yourself prouder by doing this stuff? obviouslyy this doesn't make one bit of a change in his life so why keep trying? He's amazing no matter what.

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