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04 May 2007



This is what gave me initial pause regarding Obama, his statement early on that the Dems need to embrace the faith community. Which I dont completely disagree with, but I feel its too easy for that to turn into an incentive for dems to beat the repubs at the anti-gay game.


Racebaiting and gaybaiting are still Republican stock in trade. I expect full frontal assaults on both subjects by Republican presidential candidates. Thompson has already done it shamelessly and without even thinking. Others will follow. Obama supports c ivil unions. No major candidate of the Democratic party supports gay marriage as national policy. When you consider that fewer than half the 50 states have civil rights laws protecting LGBs and only 10 states (including most recently Iowa) protect the ri g hts of transgenered persons, gay marriage does not look like our most major issue, does it? The reason it is front and center is because the radical right has chosen to make it so. On most gay lists, it is not at the very top and never was. Basic thing s like not being fired or evicted for being gay come well before wedding vows for most LGBTs. By the way, Bush is planning to veto the federal hate crimes bill, just as he did in Texas. And we're worried about Obama? Give me a break! Hate speech of any k in d is disgusting. Those who use it demean themselves and whatever cause they think they are supporting. This election cycle will be an x-ray of the effects hundreds of years of racism have had on all of us and it will not be a pretty picture. As Obam a sa ys, we can disagree without being disagreeable. r 


Obama said he is for civil unions that give gays equal rights but not for "gay marriage". Basically, it's semantics. I'm not a "christian", so I don't care about the "marriage" part, I just care about equal rights.

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