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11 May 2007



Great question Rod, but, somehow I doubt if we will get a answer from him on this as no one will ask him about it. They are more obsessed with the polygamy angle and a few with the cult side of his, umm, "faith."

Even on the Mormon television channel, they have shown the in roads they have made in Africa, and all the while, seldom mention their disdain for US blacks, even though to their credit, they did say that in South African, blacks were excluded. And, they were confused about whom was "black" in Brazil, caught in a race quagmire, with that unique American take on what is black, LOL!

While I find them a odd cult, and really funny with the magic underwear they have to wear, the rules that say no one can enter the "church" building unless of the "faith", all the wives the men want in Mormon heaven, etc., the way they view black folks is bey$ond scary, and he should be grilled about it.


You know what I found even more interesting?
Romney's eagerness to cite Al Sharpton of being a bigot, yet refusing to acknowledge his own bigotry in regards to homosexuality.

And why is it everytime I watch the news, they remind the public of Romney's faith and opposition to anything NOT deemed acceptable by the Bible, yet neglect to remind the public Romney took this position only when he decided to run for president?


I just watched the 60 Minutes interview, and I didn't hear an opposition to gay rights. He was stating his belief in the Mormon doctrine of "marriage for eternity" when he led into the quote given above. "This" (the first word in the quote above) refers to marriage. I still haven't heard Romney be forced to state what he thinks about "gay rights" other than gay marriage. For example, what does he think about employment discrimination, hate crimes legislation, adoption rights, don't-ask-don't-tell, "moral standards" on television, AIDS/HIV treatment and prevention funding, and on and on? Does anybody know?

Don't get me wrong, I can't stand the notion of a Romney presidency. He's a f**ing android. Look at how he moves, and more importantly how he thinks and talks. Him as president would be even more sickening than what we have now.

I just don't think that the proof of someone's opposition to "gay rights" is them expressing a pretty common idea of marriage. If that were the case, then I think the majority of the country is opposed to gay rights.


Sorry, Rod. #(
As usual, I am too eager to talk before doing a little checking. I found a statement from the Romnitron against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that you pointed to way back in an earlier post. The link you provided was to a National Review interview at http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=MmY1MTQyMTk0Yjk2ZDNmZmVmNmNkNjY4ODExMGM5NWE=

Dan Reese

There is a really intense debate going on about this over at riled up: http://riledup.com/debate/303/should-gay-people-have-the-same-right-to-marriage-as-straight-people


Luther, this is addressed to you so please do me the favor of reading it. Luther you have quite a few invalid and rather ignorant arguments. It looks like everything you used in your comment was based on popular belief, probably just of people you know. First of all, you've made yourself look like an idiot by using improper terminology. Mormonism, wether it is "weird" or not, is an official religion and therefore not a cult. Secondly, there is no rule against entering a mormon church, no matter who you are, in fact, everything Mormon chruch has a sign in front of it that says VISITORS WELCOME. As for the wives in heaven comment, having a sufficient knowledge of Mormon beliefs I know that there is no belief in any of their doctrine that states anything about having multiple wives in heaven. If you know of some bit of information on this topic that has eluded me, please enlighten me. If you have any questions about any other points that you made I assure you I can lead you to valid information that will nullify them. Please, next time you publicly announce your standings on a topic of debate make sure you know what you are talking about.

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